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Python Developer Relations Engineer
North America

About Platform.sh

Platform.sh is a remote-first global workforce building a better cloud platform to create, manage and responsibly scale web applications.

As a collective with diverse backgrounds, we work together to test, innovate, and challenge one another, finding new ways to reimagine digital experiences. We’re here to help our customers thrive. 

Bring your experience to our team, and help us build a better way.

Position summary

As a member of the Developer Relations team, you will play a key role in better understanding how our developers use the product - from onboarding and first explorations, to advanced Enterprise applications - and using what you’ve learned to enable the community and to champion feature requests and improvements on their behalf. 

You’ll work directly with Documentation writers, Product Managers, and Engineering to use what you’ve found to improve the developer experience for every user by producing technical articles, documentation, example code, and training resources, and to advocate for that experience in event talks and public demos. 

This is NOT a Python Developer role. Your goal will be to cultivate relationships within developer communities, all for the purpose of providing the resources and context needed to enable developers to make cool things that solve real problems with Platform.sh. It’s from those relationships that you will be best able to create resources well aware of best practices in those communities, and how best to support integrations between popular tools and Platform.sh. 

The Product organization is distributed across the Americas and Europe.

What you can expect
  • Write, update, and maintain documentation around best practices working with our product using a variety of frameworks and programming languages
  • Research best practices within developer communities in order to produce and maintain example codebases meant to be deployed by our users
  • Transform research into interesting blog posts
  • Leverage research into content for conference and meetups talks, that can be given at both online and in-person events
  • Assist internal teams as a technical resource for improving developer experience generally, as well as around the specifics of a given framework and runtime
  • Collaborate with all teams throughout Developer Experience to produce documentation, onboarding materials and training paths
  • Plan and participate in team webinars, live streams, and workshops
  • Cultivate collaborative relationships with our users as well as external developer communities
What you bring 

The ideal candidate will possess a unique blend of technical knowledge and experience working with Python, in web development, as well as the creative impetus to turn research into public resources in a collaborative environment.

  • Technical writing experience with blog posts and documentation
  • Speaking experience at conferences, meetups, and live streams. Good communication skills, public speaking.
  • Web development knowledge and experience in Python (Django, Flask). Knowledge of, and willingness to investigate, best practices to provide resources and integrations between Platform.sh, Blackfire.io, and popular Python frameworks and tools.
  • An understanding of the day-to-day problems a developer encounters deploying applications, as well as the tooling currently being used to solve those problems, especially DevOps best practices, CI/CD, local development, and performance
  • A caring mindframe and an empathetic spirit. The ability to think from other perspectives is a tool we ask of all employees
  • A passion for the developer experience, software development and tooling 
  • Excellent communication skills that are clear, concise and empower teams into action 
Nice to have
  • A history of open-source contribution
  • Experience working remotely in a distributed team 
  • An interest in developing integrations first-hand, between Platform.sh, Blackfire.io, and popular frameworks
What we bring as a team
  • Join a team of fellow tinkerers to deep dive into frameworks and tooling, share that knowledge through example code and technical documentation, and investigate the bugs and edge cases that need visibility so our users don’t have to
  • An open work environment where your voice is welcomed on any topic
  • A culture of constant improvement, no process for process sake or hierarchical red-tape
  • We are a growing company and actively foster internal promotion opportunities
This is a remote job. Work from anywhere in North America (CST/EST)!

We’re a worldwide, distributed team looking for the best talent. Our remote model has been in practice and thriving since 2014. To us, remote work means flexibility and having truly diverse, global teams. A clear and concise written communication style is required for success in the role and the company. The cover letter to your application will be the first test of this metric and remember, this is NOT a Python Developer role.

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Machine Learning/ AI Engineer

About Arbisoft

We take pride in our strong capability for designing and engineering robust software using mobile, web and cloud technologies. Specializing in custom web applications, intuitive mobile apps, and robust data mining techniques, our team creates digital solutions that impact millions of lives. We believe in the possibility of what can be. Our team of 700+ experienced software engineers, developers, UX architects, designers and QA engineers are driven to produce impactful software. We have created thousands of solutions over the last decade and helped businesses like yours expand at a rapid scale. We understand the challenges of working with a remote team and focus on providing an experience that feels like having a software development team next door. Bring your idea. Let us create it.

Position summary

We're looking for a Machine Learning/AI Engineer with broad skill set, involving capabilities to:

  • Understand business needs
  • Develop models
  • Verify and test results
  • Fine-tune and enhance models
  • Quickly prototype ideas and solve complex problems by adapting creative approaches
Required Skills and Qualifications
  • 3+ years of experience in applying AI to practical and comprehensive technology solutions
  • Knowledge of basic algorithms, object-oriented and functional design principles, and best practice patterns
  • Proven experience with ML, Statistical Simulations, Pytho, Data Mining, and Deep learning 
  • Experience with REST API development, NoSQL design, RDBMS design and optimizations 
  • Practical knowledge of probabilistic models
  • Practical knowledge of optimization techniques
  • Practical knowledge of forecasting techniques
Good to have:
  • Strong analytical and quantitative skills
  • Strong technical and programming skills
  • Strong collaboration and communication skills

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Senior Site Reliability Engineer - DevOps

About Wizeline

Wizeline is a global digital services company helping mid-size to Fortune 500 companies build, scale, and deliver high-quality digital products and services. 

We thrive in solving our customer’s challenges through human-centered experiences, digital core modernization, and intelligence everywhere (AI/ML and data). We help them succeed in building digital capabilities that bring technology to the core of their business.

Our People

At Wizeline, we are a team of near 2,000 people spread across 25+ countries. We understand that great technology begins with outstanding talent and diversity of thought. Our business was built on doing well and doing good, and our values of Ownership, Innovation, Community, and Diversity & Inclusion are embedded within our company’s DNA. We are committed to offering our Wizeliners the opportunity to create their career path and develop the skills needed to achieve their personal goals.

Community Impact

We are proud to contribute to local economies by developing technology ecosystems in places like Mexico, Colombia, and Vietnam. We also created Wizeline Academy, a free, community-based education program that teaches high-value skills to workers looking to advance their tech industry careers. As of 2022, Academy has served more than 28,000 students across 675 courses. Wizeliners have the opportunity to upskill by taking Wizeline Academy courses and can also share their expertise by delivering classes to students.

Your Day-to-Day

Wizeline fully embraces DevOps as a culture and methodology to get things done. As a Site Reliability Engineer at Wizeline, you will enable the quick release of quality products, thus leading to faster innovation cycles for our clients and a higher impact on the users.

Here's what you'll be doing in your day-to-day work:

  • Establishes and implements the requirements for observability (monitoring, logging, and tracing), and other technologies used to validate the health of the systems and applications.  
  • Works with the engineering team to deep dive into reliability issues at different levels such as software, application, and network.
  • Creates the strategy in collaboration with the technical leaders for the creation, automation, and deployment of infrastructure in the cloud.
  • Makes decisions that impact the architecture, workflow, and technologies that are fundamental for the functionality of the systems and applications.
  • Encourages the use of best practices among the team and the company.
  • Writes or implements tools to improve the delivery of applications.
Must-have Skills
  • Excellent communication skills with internal and external stakeholders.
  • Ability to quickly learn new tools and adapt to new technologies.
  • Experience in Development
  • Experience with engineering and architecture in AWS, GCP or Azure.
  • Cyber Security awareness.
  • Ability to grow and mentor junior engineers.
  • Experience automating infrastructure and configuration using tools in complex projects.
Nice-to-have Skills
  • Experience in System Administration.
  • Experience Scaling applications & Capacity Management.

Some of the stacks you may use here at Wizeline:

  • Tools: Docker,  Kubernetes, Jenkins, CircleCI, Ansible, New Relic, DataDog.
  • Languages: Nodejs, TypeScript, Python, Golang, Shell.
  • Services: Redis, Github, Lambda, DynamoDB, ECS, ECR, Vault, Fargate, S3, Prometheus, InfluxDB, Elasticsearch, Route53.
  • Infrastructure-as-Code: Terraform, CloudFormation, Serverless Framework.
  • Cloud providers: AWS, GCP, Azure.

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