Kristi Perreault

Kristi Perreault

AWS Serverless Hero and a Principal Software Engineer

Liberty Mutual Insurance

Best Practices for Deploying Well-Architected, Serverless Python Applications to AWS with CDK

Python tops the charts as one of the most popular languages for cloud development but overwhelming amounts of content can make it difficult to find the best practice guidance. As an avid python AWS CDK user, we will review the best tools and libraries for taking your python skills to the next level.

In the 2022 Q3 State of Cloud Report, researchers identified 75% of companies building new products and features in the cloud but found only 8% of technologists having extensive cloud experience [1]. With so many tools, technologies, and resources out there, combined with the relative “newness” of cloud and serverless development, it is unsettling, but unsurprising this gap exists. Python continues to top the charts as one of the most popular languages for cloud development [2, 3, 4] but even still, the overwhelming amount of content and information out there can make it difficult to find proper guidance around architecting, coding, and deploying cloud applications. As an avid python AWS CDK user over the past few years, we will spend this session discussing the best practices, helpful tools, and popular libraries for taking your python applications to the next level, all tying to the six pillars of the well architected framework.

This talk will cover:

  • AWS CDK python project structure
  • Python-specific development tools, such as Lambda Powertools
  • Services, constructs, and patterns for python CDK development
  • Adhering to Well-Architected best practices

Attendees will walk away with an understanding of how to create, architect, and develop functional python CDK applications following best guidance from today’s leading experts.

This session is best suited for those at any level in their career, however this session may be of particular interest to those that have intermediate experience with python & the AWS CDK, those who may be overwhelmed with the numerous products and tools out there, or those looking to adopt and explore better serverless and well architected practices with python. This is a technical topic focused python AWS CDK development that would be extraordinarily beneficial for anyone looking to develop or strengthen their serverless cloud computing posture.