Jordan Warbelow-Feldstein

Jordan Warbelow-Feldstein

Product Co-Chief & Technology Lead


Faster, Smarter Climate Mitigation Using Python

Python is the key to unlocking trillions of dollars of investment in climate mitigation across various sectors including transportation, agriculture, built-environment, energy and more. Python developers have the ability to create decision making frameworks that will accelerate positive change.

In this talk, attendees will learn how a team of 6 accelerated public policy in the building decarbonization sector by writing a data pipeline in Python and an app in Django. The app, BlocMaps, put hundreds of millions of public dollars to use by helping city planners see the impact of their choices and by making it easier/faster to design policy systems that are effective, equitable and just.

The talk will include a preview of the data pipeline (deceptively simple Python snippets, not rocket science), and the infrastructure used to scale computation of the "every building in the nation" dataset. We’re currently working to open-source those terraform scripts!

How many other sectors of our climate response have one hand tied behind their back because no one has made it easy for the actors to model the climate impact of their decisions? Using Python and data science, what outcomes can you and your team unblock?