Christian Heimes

Christian Heimes

Principal Software Engineer

Red Hat

Introduction to WebAssembly for Pythonistas

WebAssembly is an emerging and exciting technology that enables PyScript, JupyterLite, and Pyodide to run CPython in the browser. It can run applications and even game engines at near-native speed. All major browsers and platforms support WebAssembly. In the last two years the Python community has started to embrace WebAssembly as a platform with efforts like Jupyter Lite, PyScript, Pyodide, and WASM support in Python 3.11.

But how does WebAssembly work? How does WebAssembly make it possible to run C, Rust, or Go programs in the browser, securely sandboxed and without recompiling the program for a specific operating system or CPU architecture? In my talk I will explain the basic concepts, features, and limitations of WebAssembly.