Sami Jaghouar

Sami Jaghouar

Senior Machine Learning Engineer

Jina AI

Modern typed python: dive into a mature ecosystem from web dev to machine learning

Typing is at the center of modern Python, and tools (mypy, beartype) and libraries (FastAPI, SQLModel, Pydantic, DocArray) based on it are slowly eating the Python world.

The talk will focus on modern python and its extensive usage of type hints and static type analysis. There will be a special focus on DocArray and multi-modal AI applications.

The talk will cover different topics around modern Python:

  • The history of Python and type hint. How Python came from being not static typed language to having static-type analysis?
  • The state of the modern python ecosystem in 2023:
    • Powerful development tools like mypy and beartype. Parallel with TypeScript
    • Powerful libraries that leverage type hint: Pydantic, FastAPI, SQLModel, Typer, DocArray
  • Deep dive on DocArray and the future of AI-based web app:
    • Why modern python is a key to speeding up the development of multi-modal AI applications (stable diffusion, neural search …)?
    • What is DocArray and how does it extend pydantic with multi-modal AI in mind?