No Holds Barred Web Framework Battle

Which framework is better: Django, FastAPI, or Flask? What about the host of less well-known options? Also, does full stack matter or are smaller frameworks the way to go? This talk is a frank discussion of which frameworks you should consider using in 2023, and which frameworks should avoided.

The frameworks covered will include at least Django, FastAPI, Flask, Pyramid, and Tornado.

While the speaker is known for his work with Django (Two Scoops of Django, Cookiecutter Django, Django Packages, django-crispy-forms, etc), he’s also done a lot of work using other Python frameworks such as a FastAPI, Flask and Zope. He’s going to bring in lessons learned and pain points revealed using all those tools. While he’ll salute the effort and intelligence of the creators/maintainers of various toolsets, he’s not going to hold back on his opinions on what tools he believes people should be using to build projects in 2023.