Jacob Topp-Mugglestone

Jacob Topp-Mugglestone

Senior Developer


Parlez-vous Wagtail? Internalization for Python/Django developers

Managing multilingual content is becoming a more common requirement for many Python projects, yet developers often aren’t always sure where to start. There are potential SEO and accessibility challenges to work around, as well as opportunities to use modern machine translation APIs to speed up translation. In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to build and manage content for an international audience using Wagtail and the package wagtail-localize.

You will leave this tutorial with:

  • A starter Wagtail project you can extend into a bigger website or Django application
  • Best practices for supporting multilingual content
  • Tips for managing translation workflows

Requirements: Participants should either have a fairly recent version of Python installed on their computers or a GitHub account so they can access the Gitpod environment. Previous experience with Django or Wagtail isn’t necessary for participants to get the most out of this tutorial.