Gokul Prabagaren

Gokul Prabagaren

Engineering Manager


Push button deployments in minutes not months

CapitalOne being a pioneer in credit card space was primarily using third party IT services requiring months long effort from many folks across our vendors to get their production deployment. Since those days, we are doing push button deployments which is taking features to customers in minutes. We have made a lot of investments in building our foundational capabilities in DevOps adoption for many years. This has helped us to accelerate our feature development and delivery. This talk will focus on what are those foundational pillars and how we accelerated our journey in establishing standards across our organization.

Foundation Pillars are :

  • Going all in Cloud
  • Open Source - Adoption and contribution
  • You Build it You Own it
  • Agile
  • Devops/Developer Tooling

This had its own challenges and many merits. The talk will focus on our journey, what we got correct, and where we could have done better.