Regress to Progress: A Child’s Mindset for Growth

On the road to becoming a unicorn, you need to go backwards to make progress. As we get older, we forget how to fall down, how to play, how to explore and be curious – and these are necessary skills to becoming the best unicorn you can be. Most recently I'm diving into two new technologies – distributed databases and JavaScript – and I invite you to join me and my inner child, who really wants to be a unicorn, as we explore rainbows, build mountains, and tear it all down again with joy, curiosity, and eagerness. I will provide specific examples, from using editors to troubleshooting issues, and conclude with practical recommendations on getting started, becoming a unicorn, and conquering the world.

Key Points :

  • How to Learn
  • Make Mistakes
  • Stay Curious
  • Become a Unicorn

This talk is for adult students interested in learning new technologies as well as for experienced developers hoping to revitalize their career development.